Scott Hoezee
Perspectives Journal Podcast

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Welcome to the Perspectives Journal Podcast where we have conversation with thoughtful and interesting people from a generously Reformed Perspective. We’ll be covering topics from theology and church to the arts and sciences and many more.

Today, we’re getting to know Scott Hoezee, one of our original bloggers on the Twelve. Scott is a professor at Calvin Seminary where he is the Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching.

Listen as we discuss topics from “What does it mean to be Reformed?” to the importance of science in the 21st Century. All in all, in this episode we get to know Scott on a more personal level.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!

For the past fourteen years, my wife, Sophie, and I have served as the pastors of Second Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa. Whether or not something earthshaking appears on The Twelve, I’m looking forward to the comments and contributions of the other “eleven” very much. In my experience, Reformed people are thoughtful, funny and perceptive. I think I blog because I process by writing. My own thoughts become clearer when I put them into words. So thanks for allowing me to process with you. Dr. Lynn Japinga and her husband, Rev. Jeff Japinga filled in for Steve from August to October of 2012. Thanks, Lynn and Jeff!

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