More than a Feeling

My mother-in-law has a fondness for American peanut butter. . . .

Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell

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Sacraments Sustain Weak Faith

Life is difficult. Faith in God helps . . .

Harlan Van Oordt

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The Lord’s Supper as Welcoming Sacrament?

There has been increasing talk about the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper as a feast of welcome and hospitality . . .

Renee House,Jack Van Marion,Gregg Mast,and Sue A. Rozeboom

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Moved by the Liturgy of Revival

I love high-church liturgy. Smells and bells, processions and litanies . . .

James Bratt

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There is no beginning/only continuation/of the utterance . . .

Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

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Do Sacraments Matter?

Sacraments are not important in our age of active shooters, terrorist bombings . . .

Daniel Den Boer

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It is there. A breath – /a great inhalation of life . . .

Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

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Review: Carrying that Weight Together

Many mainline Protestants have a strange relationship with trauma. . .

Joseph Schattauer Paillé

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Review: Judgment versus Community

Joseph has served time in two juvenile halls. While in one, he reportedly tried to kill a teacher . . .

Bill Boerman-Cornell

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Our Already-Weeded Selves

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Beth Carroll

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