Time for Gerard Manley Hopkins

What can I say after the U.S. election?

Steven Rodriguez

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The Dove

This is the mourning dove, whose presence vies / For space against construction and machine …

Francis Fike

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Reincorporating Christus Victor in the Reformed Theology of Atonement

Jesus’ crucifixion exposed calculating, rationalizing human evil that otherwise remained insidiously hidden …

Elizabeth Colmant Estes

“And those who ate were five thousand men, not counting women and children” (Matt 14: 21). . . . What if women and children were included in the count?

Christiana de Groot

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Autumn Leaves

It seems the leaves know that they’re done / with green of photosynthesis …

Francis Fike

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You Just Don’t Get It

It frustrated me when my daughter would tell me, “You just don’t get it.” …

Debra L. Freeberg

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Loving God, Each Other, and the Truth

Christianity is the most remarkable of all religions and moral systems, we say …

Michael Kugler

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John Updike as Evangelist

Acts of reading, however solitary, occur inevitably in community …

Kathleen Verduin

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Learning to Be, Not Do, in Youth Ministry

Poetic Youth Ministry is a disruptive book on youth ministry …

Darwin K. Glassford

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Election Soup

My campaign-season malaise did not ebb on election day …

Kristy Manion

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