Integrating Science and Faith

A 2015 Pew Research poll indicates that 59 percent of Americans believe that science and faith are “often in conflict” …

Sara Sybesma Tolsma

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Science and Faith: My Personal Journey

For most of my life, I have been a carefree young-earth creationist…

Lydia Marcus

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Lunar Stories: The Violence of Creation

Like all else in creation the moon’s very presence not only implies a history but also testifies to a history

Channon Visscher

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For I Am Convinced

I was one of those kids who always responded to altar calls …

Laurie Furlong

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Wrestling with Miracles

As a scientist, I find reading Scripture can sometimes be difficult …

Clay Carlson

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Let Us Behold

To what end do we behold?

Byron Noordewier

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A Sobering Diagnosis for Christian Higher Education

Heie argues that faculty members everywhere need to be given space to pursue “conversations toward truth” …

David P. Gushee

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Before My Son’s Autism Diagnosis

Nine months of darkness, then / the sound of scissors and we separate . . .

Heather Cadenhead

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A Roadmap for the Church’s Mission

If the church in the Western context does not pay heed to the wisdom of the ages, it could lose its relevance completely . . .

J.P. Sundararajan

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Fir needles like rattling bones. / The air a myth that has been told . . .

Heather Cadenhead

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The Rocks and Colliding Black Holes Cry Out

“Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?” There I stood in front of 29 eighth-grade students . . .

Jason Lief

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