Does ‘Reformed’ Matter? It Could

In a bounded set, the focus is on the fences that keep us in and them out.

Tanner Smith

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‘Reformed’: It’s a Flavor of Jazz

I want students to know the contours of Reformed theology so well that it’s like the rhythm and the chord progressions for a jazz musician ….

Suzanne McDonald

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Sexuality and the Gospel: My Response to Wolterstorff

Wolterstorff …. does not, in fact, look at the issue of homosexuality, or Scripture’s discussion of it, in its full biblical context….

Matthew Tuininga

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Thoughts on Holbein’s Portrait of John Calvin

From the time I was eight I have pondered/your portrait …

Amy Nemecek

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Response to Matthew Tuininga on Sexuality and Scripture

It was mainly two developments that led me to reconsider my traditionalist views on the matter …

Nicholas Wolterstorff

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Good Company in the Valley

I found not a distant theologian but a companion along the road of difficulties …

Deborah Leiter

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Patterns of Living that Lead Us into Love

It is not learning right theology that moves us closer to God, but right habits …

Bryan Berghoef

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