A Theological Community Speaks

Isn’t it remarkable that in such a difficult market, Perspectives keeps chugging along …

Jeff Munroe

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A Friendship with Emil Brunner

Because I did my dissertation with Karl Barth, it might seem strange that I had an even closer relationship with Emil Brunner . . .

I. John Hesselink

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Lives As Saints, Not Heroes: Justice and Jesus

You don’t have to crack a history book to know what slavery is like …

Kristen Deede Johnson and Bethany Hanke Hoang

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Christianity and Whiteness

Race, in many ways, is a Christian invention …

Duane T. Loynes Sr.

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Calling Men to Be Fully Human

Men have suffered, carried baggage and felt wounded …

April Fiet

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John 8:1-11

Like a mat they beat her out …

Annalise Kort Radcliffe

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Look Before You Tweet

We took on the institution – the president, the board, the faculty . . .

Chuck DeGroat

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