‘Reading As If for Life’: My Debt to Frederick Buechner

When I left graduate school after my dissertation proposal was rejected, I read as if for life….

Robert Erle Barham

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Forgiving Pope Francis Might Be Good for Us

The most important thing about the papal visit was not the agenda he upheld, but the stance he held up …

Liz Estes

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Reformed Assessments of Arminianism: Praise from Unexpected Quarters

Calvinists have some repenting to do about their past treatment of people with other theological perspectives …

Richard J. Mouw

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God of Dust

A current picking up carpet fibers and dog hair,/ Offering them up on tiny thermals, /An ordinary sacrifice …

Pierce Taylor Hibbs

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Jan Hus after Six Centuries

Hus is regarded as the leading man in Czech history …

Ron Wells

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Do Not Be Afraid

I was crying before I understood why I might be crying …

Jill Carattini

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Like Water

we have turned to wasps, / still seeking the place / where the water was …

Pierce Taylor Hibbs

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The Human-Flourishing Argument

To argue for a change in Christian discipline by appealing to human flourishing is not typically evangelical or Reformed …

Daniel Meeter

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God as the ‘Principal Clerk’ of the Market

dare we say that buying and selling, investing, speculating, borrowing and lending, bear no accountability except to themselves?

Steven J. Van Der Weele

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Dissecting a Suburban Exodus

“I love the church and the people, but I don’t care about this community….”

Reginald Smith

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Do You Want to Be Healed?

If he were to be healed, he would face a terrible new day . . .

Thom Fiet

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