Shakespeare’s Language Lessons

Alongside celebrations of theological virtue, Shakespeare highlights hypocrisy. . . .

Robert Erle Barham

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Theology in Bronze

It took moving to the heart of Dutch Calvinist West Michigan to see the richness of the Lutheran landscape where I spent the formative years of my academic career . . .

Mark Bjelland

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Silver Moon

You have my heart / which is similar /to the moon’s grip on this night …

D.S. Martin

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Capital versus the World: the Protestant Principle in the 21st Century

The situation of capital in the 21st century is such that economic domination by the wealthy elite is again rising …

Eric Lawrence

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Canada Geese and Gerasene Swine

I saw them across the water in the early morning just beyond Paquin’s Point: a band of geese …

Daniel Meeter

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Olivier Messiaen: Music as Prayer

Few composers of the 20th century were as deeply shaped by a theological tradition as was Olivier Messiaen …

David A. Hoekema

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Our Burning Streets

The day I finished reading this book was the day 15-year-old unarmed Jordan Edwards was shot and killed by a policeman’s rifle . . .

Kathryn Schoon-Tanis

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A Feast of Church Music

The book is a potluck feast sampling the many reasons that we sing in church. . . .

Bruce Benedict

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Almost Overhead

There was caution in the air . . .

Roger Singer

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Peter Marshall: Keeping the Dream

“Dinna worry, son, the Lord will provide. He’ll open up the way . . . “

Annie Laura Smith

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