Saints Surround Us

When I was 18, I had about two hundred grandmothers, give or take fifty. …

Brandon Haan

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Praying in the Dark: Lament, Providence and Protest

A cancer diagnosis occurs in a moment, but the losses it brings come in slowly yet steadily, like a tide pushing against the shoreline . . .

J. Todd Billings

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Saint Gabriel

Here they brought thousands / of the hurricane’s dead. Even the dogs / knew to stay away,. . . .

Susanna Childress

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Nature’s Space into Ethnic Place

‘I hear you’re moving to Idaho?’ Actually, I explained, we were headed for Iowa. . . .

Grete Helstad Carlson

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Why Go to Church When You’re on Vacation?

This past January in Ecuador, my taxi driver looked me in the eye and asked, “What religion are you?”

Marla Lunderberg

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Under This Roof

My brother / has come to live with us / and how could we know . . .

Susanna Childress

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A Kindly Ballet of Serious Questions

Marriage counselors would certainly have discouraged talk of a marriage between an aging Presbyterian pastor and an orphan 40 years younger. . . .

Steven J. Van Der Weele

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Finding Roots for Change in Our Faith

A nun from Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity sits eating her lunch on a train. . . .

Heather Brandau

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Where You Were Born Matters

Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?

George Brown Jr.

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