Taking Another Look at Deification

The word “deification,” if it rings a bell at all, is commonly associated with Eastern Orthodoxy or with Mormonism . . .

Keith Starkenburg

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Desiring the End(s) of Salvation

Students are often surprised – even scandalized – to read statements such as “God became human so that we might become God” . . .

J. Todd Billings

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Decreasing Heat

How has so much of your on-fire / certainty cooled . . ?

Nathaniel Lee Hansen

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Deification: A Truly Ecumenical Concept

Even though it is one of the oldest entries in the church’s theological lexicon, deification sounds exotic when first encountered. . .

Carl Mosser

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Prayer Diagnostics

Try as you might, you’ve never regretted / having prayed (once you’ve finally started). . .

Nathaniel Lee Hansen

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Merciful Children of the Most High: Deification in the Gospel of Luke

If the disciples’ worship of the ascending Lord bears witness to Jesus’ divine identity, Jesus’ death bears witness to his full humanity. . .

Aaron Kuecker

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A Cure for Flinging Scripture Around

It has been Scripture that has been slung about in the ongoing debate about homosexuality. . .

Nathan S. Busker

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Fighting Gendercide from within the Church

We tend to think of the church as a bystander, an observer, an interpreter for the flock . . .

Becca McBride

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Exploring the Attic

Upstairs, there was a closet with a door that, if pulled to the right, would open into a large attic filled with racks of old clothes, forgotten books and miscellaneous boxes . . .

Trygve Johnson

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